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Red Wine

We provide family-owned, artisan wines to the most prestigous restaurants and wine shops in the Maryland and D.C. areas. Our wines are of character, quality and distinction, for those who appreciate the difference.

Who are we?

Monument Fine Wines is a joint venture with Republic National Distributing Company, Inc. (RNDC). When you order from Monument, it arrives on the same truck as your regular RNDC delivery. We also share the same billing warehouse and billing — so no new credit application is needed. If you are a current RNDC customer, we can do business today.

What do we offer?

Monument represents a select list of premium and boutique wineries. Some you know...and some you should get to know!

What can we do for you?

Monument offers an easy way to supplement your fine wine selections with some of the best known family-run estates, as well as cutting-edge artisan wineries, all with the security of a proven local company to handle the delivery and billing.